Guitar Lessons in Clifton Park NY with Jon Tario: Recording
In addition to teaching music lessons on guitar, mandolin, bass, violin, drums, piano, voice, and more, I also teach recording technology. Students typically learn the technology through recording their own material.

If you just want to record and not worry about learning the program, we can do that too. Recording is a great way to assess and measure growth, as well as an awesome means of expression. I still have my tapes from when I was a kid!

I currently use Pro Tools 11, an Apollo Duo, a 6176 preamp and compressor, and own a Blue Baby Bottle as well as a Neumann U87. I plan to gradually increase the quantity and quality of my recording equipment in the years to come. My students are always welcome to use this gear. 

Below are a few student recordings

Below is the writing and rehearsal phase of one song followed by the finished recording
Here is another song we recorded
Here are a of couple recordings made in preparation for our winter gig at Mocha Lisa's Cafe. 

Quick recording done with a student who is practicing for the gig at Mocha Lisa's. Yeah Santa Baby!

Posted by Jon Tario: Guitar Lessons in Clifton Park NY on Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Quick recording of two brothers working on Sugar Plum Fairy for the gig at Mocha Lisa's Cafe.

Posted by Jon Tario: Guitar Lessons in Clifton Park NY on Friday, December 19, 2014
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