Music Lessons 
in Clifton Park, NY

Music lessons in Clifton Park NY
I offer music lessons for all ages, styles, and levels on a variety of instruments. I teach lessons on electric guitar, acoustic guitar, classical guitar, drums, piano, violin, mandolin, voice, recording, theory, and more. Typically music lessons are one-on-one but I can do group lessons and accommodate full band rehearsals as well.

When studying with me, the student musician has a unique opportunity to explore many different instruments with a NYS certified music teacher. I have students that will take guitar lessons one week, and piano lessons the next. I also have students that will split a lesson and do a guitar lesson and piano lesson in the same class. 

Music lessons Clifton Park NY
In my music lessons I want the student to be actively learning as much as possible. Lessons are fun yet mentally challenging. I enjoy it when people leave saying their brain is exhausted! I believe it is beneficial, yet not mandatory, for the student to develop skills in reading, technique, listening, improvisation, phrasing, and performance. 

Twice a year I organize informal, low-pressure, "gigs" for my students at family friendly environments such as Mocha Lisa's Cafe. I also perform with students at other events and venues throughout the region like the Firecracker4 and at Bombers Burrito Bar. 
Piano Lessons Clifton Park NY
My mission is to teach "how to learn" by providing my students with the tools and skills to become self reliant musicians. I want my students to exercise their brain through music making activities centered around the students' own personal goals and interests. In doing so, they will improve their thinking-in-action skills, critical thinking, and self confidence. It is my desire to nurture and inspire lifelong musicians!

Although I am located at my office in 1 Barney Road in Clifton Park, I have students come to me for music lessons from Burnt-Hills, Saratoga, Greenfield, Niskayuna, Malta, Rexford, Cohoes, and other places throughout the Capital Region.
Music Lessons in Clifton Park NY
Piano Lessons in Clifton Park NY
Piano Lessons in Clifton Park NY
Teach them while they are young right?! 
My niece and nephew.

My policies are minimal as I enjoy a relaxed atmosphere, however I do ask, under most circumstances for 24 hours notice for canceled lessons. Payment is required for lessons not cancelled within such period.   

Call or email me to schedule a FREE trial lesson and for more information. 
Here is a free lesson; the most important one I have learned:

You will learn faster
 by going slower.
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Music Lessons in Clifton Park NY

Guitar Lessons in Clifton Park NY

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