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Music Samples

Below are some samples of my music. I hope you get an idea of my playing, recording, and composing abilities through them. In addition to teaching instrument lessons, I also teach lessons on songwriting and recording.

guitar lessons in clifton park ny

The songs above are part of an unmastered collection of songs I composed in the thirtieth year of my life.  I wrote and recorded all of these in my apartment in Clifton Park, NY using Pro Tools recording software. I did all of the singing and played all of the instruments including  electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass, drums, mandolin, piano,  banjo and more.  Clifton Park, Piano Lessons, Drum Lessons, Mandolin Lessons, Music Lessons

Music Lessons in Clifton Park NY
The songs above are ones that I have written over the past few years for my students at St. George's School. I know it sounds silly singing high but I do it so the younger musicians have an easier time matching pitch. I may sound funny, but they always sound great!

During the 2015-2016 school year, I began composing pieces for my band and orchestra students. In the future I plan on recording all of these with real instruments instead of using the computer playback. I can send you pdf's of my compositions if you would like

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